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Green + Gray Cascade

A rare array of colorful gemstones including: Gray spinel, yellow mali garnets, green tourmaline, blue zircon, and demantoid garnets. Our second configuration with this color palette, we can't seem to get enough!


top to bottom: 5mm cushion gray spinel = 1.49 carats, 5mm yellow mali garnets = 1.31 carats, 4.7mm green tourmalines = 0.92 carat, 4.5mm blue zircon = 1.04 carats, 4mm green tourmalines = 0.50 carat, 4.1mm gray spinel = 0.60 carat, and 3.4mm demantoid garnets = 0.39 carat. 14k white gold, microprongs, with friction posts and backs.

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Groundbreaking Necklace

New Groundbreaking Necklace featuring Amethyst and Green Tourmaline in Sterling Silver.



7mm Amethyst, 4mm green tourmaline

Indicolite + Diamond Drops

Sold! Please contact Ellie to order.

Stunning, cushion-cut indicolite tourmalines center these sleek earrings, set with round diamonds climbing all the way up. White gold acts as the perfect backdrop to these winter colors, like thick, clear ice over the lake.


2=1.57 carats indicolite tourmaline, 24 natural diamonds, 14 karat white gold, 

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Little Cascade Earrings

SOLD! Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


Made with Australian sapphires and rubellite tourmalines, these shorter cascade earrings show a complexity of color play with just two stones! The Blue-Green-Gray sapphires are the perfect foil to the playful magenta tourmalines, punctuated with a rhythmic array of prongs.

14k white gold, 5.4mm round Australian Sapphires 2=1.10ct, 4x6mm pear shape Rubellite Tourmalines 2=0.72ct

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Mint Tourmaline Studs

Sold! Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

These mint green tourmaline in white gold bezel studs are a crisp, refreshing color for your everyday wear. Tourmaline has a wonderful depth, and this teal hue is emblematic of that richness. 

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14 karat white gold, (2) 4.5mm mint tourmalines = .87 carat 

Pink Tourmaline Box Pendant

Vivaaaaaa, Magenta!!!

We've set one of our pink tourmalines into a rose gold box pendant. Simplicity is one of our favorite expressions of elegance, we like to let the jewelry speak for itself.

Pink rectangular mix brilliant cut tourmaline (12.96x5.8mmx4.03mm), 2.98 carats, 14 karat rose gold box and 18'' chain.

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Rubellite Studs

Sold! Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. 

If you have your ears pierced, you need a pair of red studs. Sorry, we don't make the rules, just the jewelry you'll feel great in.

14 karat white gold, (2) 4.3mm rubellite tourmaline = .68 carat


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Snakestone Pendant

Using one of our many different snake pendant designs, we paired our little 18 karat yellow gold friend with one of our favorite stones, a delightful, pear-shaped, green tourmaline, flicking out like the tongue of the serpent. For the nature lover, those who know spring will always come back. 




32= 0.23ct lab grown diamonds, 1.58ct green tourmaline, 18k yellow gold, 18"cable chain

Sterling Silver Groundbreaking Earrings - Tourmaline

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. Enjoy a crisp, petaled flower in silver with matching pink tourmaline center stones.


Sterling Silver earrings with lever backs, (2) 7mm round pink tourmalines weighing 2=2.58 carats total.

Tourmaline Drop Earrings

Teal, pear-shaped tourmalines dangle from a stem of diamonds resemble drops of agave nectar reflecting light and swaying in the breeze.

2 pearshape tourmalines= 1.72 carats, 10 round diamonds from 1mm-2mm = 0.20 carats. 18 karat yellow and 14 karat white gold

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Tourmaline Ring


A verdant green like a morning walk in the woods, the sun shining through maple saplings, ferns, and tall oaks.

3.32 total carat weight green tourmaline, (26) mined diamonds = 0.33 carat weight. In 18 karat green gold, size 7.

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Turtle Pendant

An absolutely stunning mint tourmaline takes center stage in our 18 karat yellow gold, flanked by diamonds in a way that can't help but remind you of an distinguished sea turtle dipping back into the surf. A necklace like this can last you a lifetime.



8x11.3mm Mint Tourmaline 4.15ct, 8=0.52ct lab diamonds, 18 karat yellow gold, 18" cable chain