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a ruby and a red spinel gemstone positioned side by side
11 October 2021

Ruby and Red Spinel: A Story About Sparkling Differently

Rubies and red spinel are some of the most scrumptious reds in the jewelry box. You may think they are the same (they can look really similar), but they're not. They have different properties that make them unique.

display or rings
05 October 2021

The Fierce and the Feminine

This article was originally published in "Explore Big Sky," on April 13, 2017.

Ellie Thompson's design table inside of her store
04 October 2021

INSTORE Magazine's Cool Store Winner!

This article was originally published in "INSTORE Magazine," on August 31, 2021.

a collection of colorful red, pink, orange, yellow, green, and purple garnets
17 September 2021

Garnet: The Classic Stone Enjoying a Colorful Renaissance

Since the Bronze Age, garnets have adorned the wealthy, from the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs to the markets of Rome to the streets of Victorian London.

Green and Blue Bi-Color pear shape Tourmaline
07 September 2021

Tourmaline: A Rainbow of Brilliance

Many readers may be familiar with tourmaline from hair dryer ads that talk about “negative ionization” and “infra-red heat.”

pair of round blue sapphire gemsontes
01 September 2021

Sapphire: The Royal Gemstone

A favorite of generations of British monarchs and beloved by Queen Elizabeth II, no other gemstone is as synonymous with royalty as the sapphire.

Group of pearls
30 August 2021

Pearl Wisdom

Pearls. Idealized as perfectly round white orbs shimmering with a faint pink light, or black ones glistening with iridescent purple.

set of green peridot gemstone earrings resting on a pear
23 August 2021

Planet Peridot

Peridot has been found on Earth for millions of years, making it one of the oldest known minerals.

Colorful gemstone ring
07 June 2021

Celebrate LOVE all Pride Month long

Ellie Thompson + Co. celebrates LOVE all Pride Month long with special pricing on custom, made-to-order, engagement rings, and wedding bands for men and women. Enjoy the experience of expressing your love in a unique way with specially crafted rings. 

Loose round brilliant cut diamond
26 April 2021

Lab-Grown Diamonds

After opening my new shop in Chicago’s Roscoe Village in the fall of 2019, I have received many requests and lots of enthusiasm for lab-grown diamonds, especially for engagement rings and stud style earrings.


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