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Designing the First Piece, PART V

31 January 2021
Flower Gemstone Earrings

A New Collection: Designing the First Piece, PART V And then the pandemic struck….

Needless to say, the April 2020 new collection launch event did not happen. But, by June 24, 2020, the First Piece of the Groundbreaking Collection was completed and posted to Instagram! 18K gold petals around rubellite tourmaline centers featured diamond-set tops and dew-drops. Currently sold out, but available by special order with rubellite centers or a wide choice of other colorful gemstones. Next, with a few starts and stops throughout the summer, the second design variation on the theme came to life in sterling silver with peridot centers and others with purple amethyst. These eight petal earrings are 30mm wide creating a big impact in a light-weight, fun design. It is gratifying to have these pieces completed and out in the world being enjoyed. I am currently putting the finishing touches on some open-heart pendants written in The Language of Love. These amulets have simple silhouettes and interesting details. Stay tuned, they will be featured in a later post.

FirstPiece 2

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