Indicolite Pendant Hoop Earrings

The diamond set hoops have removable pendants featuring two blue-green indicolite tourmalines, with a sparkling diamond and white gold bead frame. Versatility is key!

Wear the hoops solo or add the pendants for a different look - Watch for more pendant designs as we launch them later this summer! Or have us create a special design just for you!

14 karat white gold, 2=1.57 carat, indicolite cushion cut tourmalines; and 22 fine white round brilliant-cut diamonds=0.58 carat total

Little Cascade Earrings

Made with Australian sapphires and rubellite tourmalines, these shorter cascade earrings show a complexity of color play with just two stones! The Blue-Green-Gray sapphires are the perfect foil to the playful magenta tourmalines, punctuated with a rhythmic array of prongs.

14k white gold, 5.4mm round Australian Sapphires 2=1.10ct, 4x6mm pear shape Rubellite Tourmalines 2=0.72ct

Mint Tourmaline Studs

These mint green tourmaline in white gold bezel studs are a crisp, refreshing color for your everyday wear. Tourmaline has a wonderful depth, and this teal hue is emblematic of that richness. 


14 karat white gold, (2) 4.5mm mint tourmalines = .87 carat 

Pink Tourmaline Box Pendant

We've set one of our pink tourmalines into a rose gold box pendant. Simplicity is one of our favorite expressions of elegance, we like to let the jewelry speak for itself.


Pink rectangular mix brilliant cut tourmaline (15.25x5.5x4.03mm), 3 carats approximately, 14 karat rose gold box and 16'' chain.

Rubellite Studs

If you have your ears pierced, you need a pair of red studs. Sorry, we don't make the rules, just the jewelry you'll feel great in.



14 karat white gold, (2) 4.3mm rubellite tourmaline = .68 carat

Tourmaline Drop Earrings

Teal, pear-shaped tourmalines dangle from a stem of diamonds resemble drops of agave nectar reflecting light and swaying in the breeze.

2 pearshape tourmalines= 1.72 carats, 10 round diamonds from 1mm-2mm = 0.20 carats. 18 karat yellow and 14 karat white gold

Tourmaline Ring

A verdant green like a morning walk in the woods, the sun shining through maple saplings, ferns, and tall oaks.


3.32 total carat weight green tourmaline, (26) mined diamonds = 0.33 carat weight. In 18 karat green gold, size 7.

Tri-Color Cascade Earrings

A trio! the perfect pair of cascade earrings is whichever one you like best, and these must certainly be a contender! With rubellite tourmalines, Australian sapphires, and demantoid garnets, the vibrancy of its cheerful color palette is such a rich, summer joy, and we hope that you share it with us. We love each and every version of these that we create, and we know you'll love these, too.


18 karat yellow gold, two 6.8x6.7x5.2mm cushion cut rubellite tourmalines, two 4.95mm round sapphires = 1.14 carats, and two 3.3mm demantoid garnets = 0.3 carats.


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