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Custom Designed Jewelry Portfolio By Ellie Thompson

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Orchid Earrings

The client, a collector of orchids, wanted a special pair of earrings, featuring nearly life-size blossoms. The pave set white gold petals feature over 13 carats of fine white diamonds, highlighting a sumptuous pair of trillion cut Rubellite Tourmalines, set in subtle rose gold prongs.

Fringe Pendant

The client commissioned a special gift for his wife to celebrate their family with unique versions of their birthstones.

The mom's August stone set at the top with a grassy green cushion cut peridot, the two boys, born in May and June represented with a round emerald and a black Tahitian pearl, and at the base of the pendant, the dad's, October pear shape rubellite tourmaline brings the piece together. The diamonds and a fringe of 18K gold give the piece beautiful movement and spirit.

Bracelets Bear, Mouse, Gus

The client, a stylish mom with three children, wanted a bracelet for each child made with their special nickname on it. We made each bracelet in a different color of gold with raised, polished letters contrasted above the textured bracelet surface.

Starburst Jackets

A gem dealer, who we have known for years, asked Ellie to make these vintage inspired starburst jackets to be worn with either white or black pearls in the center. They also can accommodate many different types of colorful gemstones.


This realistic, fully featured gold bat, with diamond tipped wings was created as a gift for a mom to give her daughter on her 8th grade graduation. The young graduate loved unusual animals. Their memorable travels in South America included spelunking in bat caves.

Mother and Son Frogs

This whimsical yet realistic mother and son frogs were commissioned to celebrate an adoring mom and her young son, a lover of frogs. The 18K gold frogs have yellow sapphire eyes, adding just a touch of sparkle in a hue reminiscent of the eye color of her son's bullfrog.

Statement Pendant

A friend and longtime client of Ellie's brought in a 1970s era "cocktail" ring with 27 diamonds of different sizes in it. Many of the diamonds had antique cutting styles dating back to the 1800s- this clearly was not their first "re-mounting". My friend wanted a strong, statement making pendant. Ellie started with the largest stone for the center and then carefully measured the remaining stones and distributed them in rays from the center balancing the different sizes the lengths of the rays to create rhythmic appeal.

Call or email Ellie for a complimentary design consultation! She is available to transform old jewelry into something new! Or start from scratch, and create your dream piece! We are only limited by our imaginations!

Custom Design Experience

Book your time at the design table with Ellie at her shop in Chicago’s Roscoe Village or via video conference. During your appointment, Thompson provides a one-on-one opportunity to collaborate and learn about the beautiful materials and remarkable craft of jewelry production. From idea sketch to computer-aided design, a distinctive piece is made that reflects the client’s unique personal style.

Not sure what your project will cost? Contact Ellie to discuss your ideas and further customize your gift!


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