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Give More than a Gift

Give an Experience

For this occasion, give them more than another piece of jewelry - give them a Custom Design Experience!  It's a beautiful piece of jewelry, and so much more!

Working with award-winning designer Ellie Thompson through the custom design process can bring a dream to reality in a fabulous, collaborative experience.

Select from one of three custom design packages and leave the rest to Ellie!

Custom design starts with a fantasy, a dream, an idea...

...of what is possible

These packages are available with or without disclosing the price to the recipient.

Custom amounts for gift certificates or design packages are available upon request.

Whether it’s transforming a treasured family heirloom into something fresh and new, or starting from scratch with an idea, or a life milestone to celebrate, the process is an exciting, collaborative experience.

How it works...

Book your time at the design table with Ellie at her shop in Chicago’s Roscoe Village or via video conference.

During your appointment you will learn about the beautiful gems and precious metals available to create your special jewel, or assess your personal collection.

Then the fun starts!

Earrings, Ring, Pendant or Bracelet?

During this energetic session, a design direction is created, by defining your style, taking measurements and presenting design options.

In the coming weeks, the design come to life. A detailed Computer/Aided-Design image is created and sent to the client for approval - and then built on a 3-D printer.

Cutting edge technology meets old world craftsmanship as the CAD built wax is cast into precious metal. Then, our team assembles, polishes and sets the gemstones into the final jewel!

  • $1,000.00 Experience

  • $3,000.00 Experience

  • $5,000.00 Experience

Give Them A Magical Experience!