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Let's Celebrate!

INSTORE Magazine's Coolest Jewelry Stores Champagne Reception

That's Right! We're one of the Coolest Jewelry Stores!

Just in time for our second anniversary (and . . . shhh . . . Ellie's birthday!), we have another reason to celebrate! Ellie Thompson + Co has been named one of INSTORE Magazine's Coolest Jewelry Stores!

Each year a panel of experienced retail business judges evaluates jewelry stores, considering their story, design aesthetic, merchandising, marketing, and individuality. Then, they name three BIG COOL stores (stores with six or more full-time employees) and three SMALL COOL stores (stores with five or fewer employees) as their Coolest Stores in America!

What a great opportunity to throw a party!

I am so grateful to have found a place in Roscoe Village where I can build such wonderful relationships while doing the work I love.


From the Judges

"Ellie Thompson + Co. has a consistent aesthetic that is seamlessly carried through all customer touch points. Her design point of view permeates display, social media and outreach for a coherent experience."

“I am looking forward to the pandemic being over and visiting Ellie’s store.  I love Chicago, and her store epitomizes it for me. Very creative."

Ruth Mellergaard, interior designer and principal with Grid/3 International.

Time to Party


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Because nobody wants to run out of Champagne!