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Inside of Ellie Thompson + Co. Roscoe Village Store

Ellie Thompson + Co. was recently awarded 3rd place in INSTORE’s 2021 America’s Coolest Stores Contest! 

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Local Business Spotlight - Ellie Thompson + Co

Ellie Thompson + Co. Roscoe Village Store

The Lakeview Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce recently intervewed Ellie Thompson about her creativity, her love for teaching people about rocks and gemstones, and her store in Roscoe Village.

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Ellie Thompson Interview

Image of Ellie Thompson + Co Storefront in Roscoe Village, Chicago

Adam McDowell interviews Ellie about her new storefront in Roscoe Village, her background, her favorite designs, colored gemstones, and what brought her back to Chicago.

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The Fierce and the Feminine

Image of rings in the Theorem Collection by Ellie Thompson

When designer Ellie Thompson isn’t in Chicago directing her team of skilled jewelry fabricators or touring the trails and galleries of the West on her mountain bike, she jokes that she is the artist-in-residence at Elkhorn Hot Springs.

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Best Jewelry Designers In Chicago

Image of Gold Jewelry from Designer Ellie Thompson

Designer Ellie Thompson earned a spot on the list of Chicago's best jewelry designers.

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